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Hidden Services - Protocol 7

Hidden Services

This is a collection of hidden services on various Darknets and alternative web protocols. Unlike the Hidden Wiki, illegal and immoral services are explicitly disallowed, links are actually checked regularly, and only I'm allowed to edit this list (on this website, anyway; I can't stop you from copying it and making your own).

Please note that being listed on this page does not imply I necessarily endorse any of the ideas these pages may put forth. Pages with potentially offensive content are marked accordingly; hover over the tag (or long-press on mobile) to see details. Proceed at your own risk.

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Search engines

site title Network last week checked
Ransack I2P 2020-W50
SOLR I2P 2020-W50
Legwork I2P 2020-W50
SUBMARINE Tor v2 2020-W51
haystak Tor v2 2020-W51
OnionThumbs Tor v2 2020-W51
Ahmia Tor v2 2020-W51
OSS Tor v2 2020-W51
Tornet Global Search Tor v2 2020-W51
GDark Tor v2 2020-W51
Tor Search Engine 2 Tor v2 2020-W51
DuckDuckGo Tor v2 2020-W51
Not Evil Tor v2 2020-W48
OnionLand Search Tor v2 2020-W51
Tordex Tor v2 2020-W51
VisiTOR Tor v2 2020-W51
TORCH Tor v3 2020-W51
Searx Tor v3 2020-W51
Tor66 Tor v3 2020-W51
Excavator Tor v3 2020-W51
Phobos Tor v3 2020-W51
Our Realm Tor v3 2020-W51
little Isle Tor v3 2020-W51
Yacy Yggdrasil 2020-W49
Searx Lokinet 2020-W51

Personal sites

site title Network last week checked
qorg11 I2P 2020-W49
Nick's Blog I2P 2020-W50
idk I2P 2020-W50
Little Big T I2P 2020-W50
anongw I2P 2020-W50
bugfuzz I2P 2020-W50
flapflap I2P 2020-W50
Spyware Watchdog I2P 2020-W49
heligoland I2P 2020-W50
Uncle Podger I2P 2020-W50
E8 I2P 2020-W50
ZOG I2P 2020-W49
04dco's Server I2P 2020-W50
Oleg Girko I2P 2020-W50
cathugger I2P 2020-W50
Braindead I2P 2020-W50
Red Liberty I2P 2020-W47
Red I2P 2020-W47
Darkweb Blog I2P 2020-W50
Dig Deeper I2P 2020-W49
Unlimited World I2P 2020-W50
m4tr1x Tor v2 2020-W51
Daniel Kraft Tor v2 2020-W51
Shroud Tor v2 2020-W51
wowaname Tor v2 2020-W51
tulpa Tor v2 2020-W51
Saturnette Tor v2 2020-W51
Sophie says... Tor v2 2020-W51
Daniel Tor v3 2020-W51
Darkweb Blog Tor v3 2020-W51
kill-9 Tor v3 2020-W50
Parckwart's Website Tor v3 2020-W51
cathugger Tor v3 2020-W51
Baobab Tor v3 2020-W51
Ash Tor v3 2020-W51
Hi. Tor v3 2020-W48
Nick's Blog Tor v3 2020-W51
getimiskon's space Tor v3 2020-W49
Jake's Thoughts Tor v3 2020-W50
Negligent Pessimist Tor v3 2020-W51
qorg11 Tor v3 2020-W51
04dco's Server Tor v3 2020-W51
ic3 Tor v3 2020-W51
Alden Page Tor v3 2020-W51
S-Config Tor v3 2020-W51
part deleted Tor v3 2020-W51
Coarse Enigma Tor v3 2020-W51
graffen.dk Tor v3 2020-W51
Go Beyond Tor v3 2020-W51
0ut3r Space Tor v3 2020-W51
concealed.world Tor v3 2020-W51
Dig Deeper Tor v3 2020-W51
Dig Deeper Freenet N/A
Donkey Kong 64 Freesite Freenet N/A
Darkweb Blog Freenet N/A
My Life as a Misunderstood Cypherpunk Freenet N/A
Why Hate America? Freenet N/A
qorg11 Freenet N/A
Spyware Watchdog Freenet N/A
cathugger Yggdrasil 2020-W50
04dco's Server Yggdrasil 2020-W49
i2p.rocks blog Lokinet 2020-W50
Yobmob ZeroNet N/A
qorg11 ZeroNet N/A
WASD1234 ZeroNet N/A
Ansho Rei ZeroNet N/A
Sahara ZeroNet N/A
Spyware Watchdog ZeroNet N/A
Alpine ZeroNet N/A
caryoscelus ZeroNet N/A
Nick's Blog ZeroNet N/A
Agora ZeroNet N/A
red.i2p mirror ZeroNet N/A

Social networks, forums, and imageboards

site title Network type last week checked
Kelvinchan I2P imageboard 2020-W50
Ramble I2P Reddit-like 2020-W50
Neodome Usenet Server I2P misc 2020-W50
novaBBS I2P forum 2020-W50
def2 I2P imageboard 2020-W50
I2P support forum I2P forum 2020-W49
Raddle Tor v2 Reddit-like 2020-W51
Dread Tor v3 Reddit-like 2020-W51
THE END Tor v3 chat 2020-W51
Ramble Tor v3 Reddit-like 2020-W51
Ableonion - Random Chat Tor v3 chat 2020-W51
Galaxy3 Tor v3 social media 2020-W51
zzzchan Tor v3 imageboard 2020-W51
anime.website Tor v3 social media 2020-W51
Kiwi Farms Tor v3 forum 2020-W51
Hidden Answers Tor v3 forum 2020-W51
8chan Tor v3 imageboard 2020-W51
Nerve Center Tor v3 imageboard 2020-W50
anon.cafe Tor v3 imageboard 2020-W51
Alog.space [CAUTION] Tor v3 imageboard 2020-W51
lycan Tor v3 ??? 2020-W51
Endchan Tor v3 imageboard 2020-W49
Nanochan Tor v3 imageboard 2020-W51
Picochan Tor v3 imageboard 2020-W51
9chan [CAUTION] Tor v3 imageboard 2020-W49
Mesh Yggdrasil forum 2020-W47
Ramble Yggdrasil Reddit-like 2020-W50
ZeroMe Luna ZeroNet social media N/A
ZeroPolls ZeroNet misc N/A
ZeroTalk++ ZeroNet Reddit-like N/A
ZPlace [CAUTION] ZeroNet misc N/A
ZeroTalk Tech ZeroNet Reddit-like N/A
Nettalk ZeroNet Reddit-like N/A
Linux.net ZeroNet Reddit-like N/A


site title category last week checked
I2P stats misc 2020-W50
roms files 2020-W50
eepstatus directory 2020-W50
Freedom repositories git 2020-W50
kalli.st misc 2020-W50
Acetone misc 2020-W50
User-agent checker utility 2020-W50
I2P Project misc 2020-W50
eanlib files 2020-W50
WLM [CAUTION] wtf 2020-W48
INCOGHOST hosting 2020-W50
Nitter utility 2020-W49
Is it up? utility 2020-W50
I2P Bugtracker misc 2020-W50
Debian I2P Packages software 2020-W50
The Free Book Library files 2020-W50
Dark Music files 2020-W50
EasyGPG software 2020-W50
Freenet inproxy utility 2020-W50
Invisible-Internet misc 2020-W47
Marxists Internet Archive books 2020-W47
I2P team chat chat 2020-W50
The Tin Hat news 2020-W50
Torrent Freedom files 2020-W50
Black misc 2020-W50
cryptostorm vpn 2020-W50

Tor (v2)

site title category last week checked
Front Line Defenders misc 2020-W51
Deep Web Hosting hosting 2020-W49
Debian Onion Mirrors files 2020-W51
Write.as hosting 2020-W51
Tranquility Hosting hosting 2020-W51
Tor Metrics misc 2020-W51
Fake ID Generator utility 2020-W51
Browser Info utility 2020-W51
Z-Library files 2020-W51
Kowloon hosting 2020-W51
music files 2020-W51
Web Hosting hosting 2020-W51
FLASHLIGHT news 2020-W51
Deep Web Hosting hosting 2020-W49
Are You Underpaid? utility 2020-W51
RootGit git 2020-W51
ExpressVPN vpn 2020-W51
Njalla utility 2020-W51
Mullvad VPN vpn 2020-W51
BridgeDB misc 2020-W51
BBC News news 2020-W51
OnionName hosting 2020-W51
ShyServers hosting 2020-W51
Volatile email 2020-W51
Mail2Tor email 2020-W51
Underwood's Mail email 2020-W51
Easy-Type Passwords utility 2020-W51
Scam List of Tor misc 2020-W51
Scam List misc 2020-W51
Light a candle misc 2020-W51
youbroketheinternet misc 2020-W51
Time To Confess 2.0 misc 2020-W51

Tor (v3)

site title category last week checked
Carrot Hosting hosting 2020-W50
Riseup Pad utility 2020-W50
Imperial Library of Trantor files 2020-W50
Archive.today [CLOUDFLARED] utility 2020-W50
Invidious utility 2020-W50
Shadow Wiki wiki 2020-W50
Whonix files 2020-W50
Riseup misc 2020-W50
0xacab git 2020-W50
Google Feud gaming 2020-W50
Simple bookmarks utility 2020-W50
NixNet Jabber chat 2020-W50
EludeMail email 2020-W50
Lambsec Labs hosting 2020-W50
Acetone misc 2020-W48
DarknetLive news 2020-W50
Gitea git 2020-W50
systemli.org misc 2020-W50
Black Hat Chat chat 2020-W50
Bibliogram (alternate) utility 2020-W50
Bibliogram utility 2020-W51
Fortune misc 2020-W50
Nitter (alternate) (alternate 2) utility 2020-W50
kalli.st misc 2020-W50
CIA.gov misc 2020-W50
Hidden Wiki wiki 2020-W50
privacytools.io wiki 2020-W50
HedgeDoc utility 2020-W50
Qubes OS misc 2020-W50
ProPublica news 2020-W50
Freedom Hosting Reloaded hosting 2020-W50
cryptostorm vpn 2020-W50
BitVPS hosting 2020-W50
RSS-Bridge utility 2020-W50
Kaizushi's Little Onion Server hosting 2020-W50
CTemplar email 2020-W49


site title category
jSite documentation misc
Nerdageddon wiki
Sci-Craft misc
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants misc
Using Freenet with a VPN misc
Agorism: revolutionary market anarchism misc
Freesite HOWTO misc
Alice Turing personal


site title category last date checked
lokinet wiki wiki 2020-W49
Gitea git 2020-W49
Lokinet software 2020-W49


site title category
HTML5 Games gaming
Yggdrasil landing page misc
Syncronite misc
Git Center git
Svelte & Typescript on ZeroNet misc
New ZeroNet Sites misc
ZeroTodos utility
MOAB blocklist
08chan /MT/ Blocklist blocklist
ZeroWiki wiki
Earthnet chat
pornography blocklist blocklist
ZeroNet Py3 updater utility
ZeroQuotes misc
Kaffie's Spamlist blocklist
PeerMessage software
Lost All Hope misc


site title category last date checked
The Great Library of Eris files 2020-W46
User Sovereignty, Decentralization, and Privacy misc 2020-W46
Zaibatsu hosting 2020-W46

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