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Essential Equipment - Protocol 7

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Essential Equipment


Three Saucepans with lids. One small, One Medium and One large

Large Frying pan / Wok

Small Frying pan


1 Pint Measuring Jug

Measuring Spoons

Draining, Stirring and Transferring

Large Sieve

Large Plastic / Rubber Spoon

Wooden Spoons


Two bowls of different sizes - One large, One small. Preferably Glass

Cutting, Chopping and Peeling

A Chef's Knife

Two Pairing Knives

A Bread Knife

Vegetable Peeler (optional)


Two Chopping Boards - One for Cutting Meat and the other for vegetables. The material is hugely debated with many people saying that wooden boards are naturally self-cleansing but others saying that the raw meat juices can seep into the wood and cause cross-contamination. For this reason, plastic would be recommended however it is completely up to you.


A Roasting Tin

Ovenproof Cooking Disk. The clear Pyrex ones are very good

Casserole Dish

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